Parkersburg Catholic Development Director:
Skip Roedersheimer & Jill Witucky

The Parkersburg Catholic Schools are built upon a tradition of over 300 years of Catholic education in the Mid-Ohio Valley area. We continue to honor this tradition while moving our schools forward as the premier preparatory school system in the Mid-Ohio Valley. At the Parkersburg Catholic Schools a child learns to become self-reliant yet part of a team; the responsibility of their actions and the effects upon others; the importance of education and the value of religion in their life; the understanding of a higher purpose for their life and the tools to attain that purpose; and to balance the various aspects of life.

The students graduating from Parkersburg Catholic High School have gone on to become contributing members to society from mothers and fathers; doctors and teachers in every level; uniformed service members; scientists and engineers; professionals in every industry; to leaders of Fortune 500 companies. The education received at the Parkersburg Catholic Schools provided a strong foundation upon which to build the rest of their lives.

The Development Office’s role is four-fold: Market & Promote, Recruiting & Retention, Fundraising, and Alumni Affairs. Within these pages are resources, information and initiatives to help accomplish these roles. Please take some time to explore and come back often as we continue to evolve our internet presence. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the Development Office either through email or phone at 304-428-7528.

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