Principals Office

picture 013Welcome to my office. My name is Kevin Simonton. Twenty-seven years ago, after teaching 10 years in public school, I “backed” into the job of principal here at Parkersburg Catholic Elementary School. What a wonderful “leap of faith” it has been. Hindsight tells me I should not have worried about taking a job where I knew no one and nothing about how the school operated. It’s very simple really, just surround yourself with a dedicated staff that wants to give back to their school community, parents that are committed to the academic and emotional success of their children, and students who strive for knowledge and want to succeed.

Twenty-eight years later I am humbled by the fact we are today providing a Catholic education that began over 160 years ago. If you look back to any of those years, I know you will find the same combination for success…dedicated staff, committed parents, and focused students. The goal here at PCES is to create an atmosphere where students are comfortable with whom they are, they think about others before themselves, and they are responsible for their own actions. When this is achieved, an atmosphere of success is created for all.